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it started with us and got extended through you...


our vision

Challenge the do-more society to be more.
We are here to fill the world with more love, authenticity, depth, kindness, interest, joy through the practice of neuro-scientific, spiritual and energetic tools.

Who you are learning from...

Hi Beautiful You!

My name is Liza and I am so pleased YOU are here. Hands down – I am in love with the human potential and am so eager to create a world better than we found it in. And that starts with leadership…Leadership has accompanied me for a very long time, 10 years to be exact

After studying leadership, I realized quickly that most leaders weren’t actually able to lead – shocker – something to me very paradox. So, I researched & completed my master thesis on how to improve mental health in a company via leadership skills that genuinly started within the leader.

Then I enrolled in certifications, seminars, retreats & courses… only to find out that they too were lacking essential parts within their frame of education & guidance.

I was missing the bridge from theoretical knowledge and trial & error expertise. Or the ancient wisdom to the new-gained knowledge about our subconscious mind. It was hard to grasp, so I dug deeper. Every coaching client, I worked with, gave me the possibility to draw parallels, see what works and what not, I created more and more research papers, joined confidential supervision-groups to gain feedback on the way I work & fine tuned it…until my surroundings started signalling “I want to learn from you” & decided: THIS NEEDS TO BE OUT THERE.

Ultimately, I’ve collected more than 1000+ pages of 1:1 client summaries & observations in group settings, to not just provide you with tools but HOW you can use them, what to do with clients in any type of situation, how to enable them to shift quickly & how to create a safe space for them to expand.

And I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome you in this training. Because I am confident to say that TSL is going to change your world and your leadership.

our mission

Make every room you enter safer & more expanding than you found it in. The more soulful leadership is being practized the more we see the collective consciousness grow.

We believe that joy is the baseline of it all, because life is too short to be afraid to go all in.  We are on a mission to create conscious millionaire for massive impact on the enviornment & mental health.


our mantra

“The sun shines not only at us but though and from us. we are the sun. everywhere we go, we shine and keep radiating an open and inviting heart. we leave golden footprints wherever we go because everyone deserves the light, love, joy, purity, contentment and attention.”

As within the company, so without.
As with clients, so with strangers.
As within your own home, so without in nature.

values we live by.

Who has already become a Soulful Leader

Meet Kristin here:

She is an expert in truly discovering your truest essence via: techniques such as all TSL modalitites, as well as Human Design, Resilience Training Techniques etc. 

Meet Lena here:

She is a travel bug and changes your world through…

Meet Sophia here:

She is the embodiment of purity and clarity who stepped into becoming a writer full time. We love how she implemented everything she learned in TSL in her life and nows truly stepped into living her best life.

Meet Hannah here:

This industry trailblazer is a leader through and through. Building multiple 7 fig businesses, she embarked on the journey of Soulful Leadership to be best equipped in her companies as well as navigating her own emotions smoother.

Meet Lisa & Sabine here:

Our previous assistant, Carina, is interviewing our first mama and daugther duo – who have been clearing out so much during the time in TSL, learned so much about themselves and created a strong bond. We are so glad we were able to witness them grow and step into their own unique Soulful Leadership.

The Prompt: TSL IS...

“TSL is more than just a certificate, it is a whole Mastermind in and of its own.”

“TSL is loving honesty. They don’t always tell you what you want to hear – but definitely what you need to hear.”

“TSL is intuitive, feminine and bold.”

“TSL is challenging – in a really good way. They help me leave my comfortzone without falling into overwhelm.”

“TSL is knowledge – its not just “oh I tried it and it worked” – this is sience based teachings.”

“TSL is different – so much value, so much support. You get waaaay more than you would expect from a “coaching certificate”

“TSL is what made me unstoppable” – Says a former client, now Soulful Leader.”

“TSL is like your best friend that only wants the best for you but is not tolerating you sabotaging yourself”

“TSL helped me to become me. TSL is honest, challenging and loving. It feels like home and has helped me create the life of my dreams, that I never dared to speak out loud before. TSL and all members helped me speak my truth even when it was uncomfortable as it was so safe to speak my heart. I also want to say how impactful all the calls were to me. It is a room like no other. Deep yet light. Fun yet serious. Transformative yet safe. I have never been more myself than now and I have never been so content with where I am and excited to where I am going. With all these incredible people in my back pocket that make me want to be my best version every single day, I can assure that whatever is next is miraculous. So, if you are still thinking about joining, there is no better time coming and there is no better program waiting!!!”

how it all started

…It all started with Liza's love for teaching, phenomenal results and gazillion of questions around her work…

“LIZA! HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT? Like literally how? You always know what exactly to say, when & how to help me accelerate my growth, get mind-blowing results in my business & deepen my consciousness and soul-connection?”

Read first:

The more people Liza coached, the more summaries Liza made. Summaries turned into pages, pages turned into booklets, booklets turned into a research frame of over 1000+ pages.

Learning & connecting dots has always sparked her excitement and once people, even industry leaders started asking her how she worked and what her secret was SHE PLAYED AROUND WHAT SHE COULD CREATE…


ALWAYS IN MIND INITIATING SUSTAINABLE RIPPLES. When they kept asking her to pay her multiple 5-figures to learn from her…She knew – it was time.

All her knowledge, experiences, countless hours of her own certifications trainings, workshops, 6+ years of leadership studies, business expertise, cultural management experiences and conscious parenting helped me to come up with…


We are so excited to share this powerful and life&business changing certification program with YOU. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. You win, We win & the universe aka anyone who we serve wins. We create ripples of healthy, expanding, abundant coaching containers for all of our clients and beyond…

…the world and this industry needed you soulfully certified yesterday..

we look at things differently. We think differently. We teach differently.

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