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Inner World + Coaching Basis + Success Coaching +
Neurolinguistic-Programming + Hypnosis +
Trigger-Informed Coaching + Emotional Freedom Techniques + TIME-Techniques

In the Soulful Leadership Certification Training, we dive deep into both human psyche & human potential. You will learn why you are the way you are (and why your clients are the way they are), how to help them understand their own patterns from the past compassionately, and become more resourceful in the now to shift the trajectory of their life. You will gain a deep understanding of how unconscious patterns through language, behavior, states and emotions (NLP) affect your current reality AND how to shift them. By doing so, you will also learn how to use this for and with your clients as well.

After completing TSL, you will not only have changed your life for the better but will be equipped to help others to do the same with confidence, clarity & conviction.

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TSL is all about making yourself remember that life is about being alive and truly FEELING it so that you impact others from a space of fullness. You see, you don’t need an excuse or permission to have fun while creating your dream life, without the hustle & numbing of your emotions to ‘get it done’.

We are so excited to train you to become a certified Soulful Leader who makes life playful again and increases the capacitiy in which you navigate through life’s & business’s challenges.

What to expect...

Easy Access

You will find all content on our platfom. In this way you can go through the material in your own timing whenever and from wherever you want.

Practice Sessions

In order to truly be prepped for a client, you will have tosend in practice sessions with test clients, so we can give you helpful feedback.

Maximize Your Result

To maximize your learning success, you can either watch the videos or go through detailed worksbooks that give you all the knowledge you need. We take the different learning styles seriously.

Live Support

Every first Wednesday of the month there will be a live call where you get to ask your questions and receive thorough answers.

Embodiment Exam

After each module, there will be a exam waiting for you to help you walk the talk and become confident to be embodied in the techniques.

The TSL "Bible"

Our student called it this way - it is by far the most in-depth coaching book ever - which alone has the power to change your life.

A Preview of some of the Modules inside TSL...

TSL Level 2

Pay in Full
7.777 €
Pay in Full
4.999 €
2 Rates
2.500 €
4 Rates
1.250 €
6 Rates
834 €
12 Rates
417 €


You will have access to: The Inner World, The Coaching Basis and The Success Coach Modules from L1 as well as Hypnosis, TIME Technique, NLP, EFT and Trigger-Informed Coaching Modules. This means you get 5 more Modules than L1. In this way you are best prepared for your pathway as a coach, mentor and leader. 

The main difference is that you will gain a different level of access to tools, knowledge, wisdom and ultimealtey leadership ‘power & intelligence’. What this means is that Level 2 consists of Level 1 & additional therapeutic training modalities, such as NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Trigger-Informed Coaching that give you the undeniable power to work with the subconscious mind of yourself and others. It also includes the module Outer World.

Yes, the quality of The Soulful Leader Certification is given online as it would be offline. After certifying over 40 + soulful leader, we have fine-tuned our process even more. It is particularly important to us to help you in live sessions and provide valuable feedback which is why we have Q&A calls and video-exams. TSL stands for innovation and adaptability, which is also the reason why we have created this high quality online certification course for you to be able to tune in whenever and from wherever it suits your needs.
Yes, absolutely. We believe in going with time – yet adjusting in the way the human psyche works. We want you to have results, because otherwise we would not live our dharma right. You get to apply the learnings in your everyday life which actually strengthen your embodiment much more than a one week in person seminar. We want it to become part of your normality, so you feel confident. On top of that, you can watch the techniques and trainings multiple times, practice with a buddy and get feedback on your coaching sessions.

You certainly can. What you can do online, you can also do offline. And if I am being honest, online coaching requires far more expertise than in person sessions, as you have to pay even more attention to your client to see shifts and body cues. So, you will be best prepared for in person sessions.

Absolutely, yes! Here is a link to our Memberarea, which will walk you through all our incredible modules and features and shows you how to use them, step by step.

Yes, you will. After you have submitted all your exams, you will receive an email from us, sharing with you if you passed the exams or if we need something else. Afterwards you will then receive the certificates sent to your home address (+digital copy).

If you follow the link to either Level 1 or Level 2, you will see a detailed price overview. There are also payment plans  shown. Onec you purchase, you will be charged via Thrivecart, and in case you chose to pay with instalments, you will be charged the next instalment a month later & so on. 

Of course you can!!!, In the Memberarea, you will find a Community Area where you can connect as well as ask questions. They will be answered within the next 3-4 working days.

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